Moda Kalon is pleased to offer a Wholesale Program for those who share in our values for superbly handcrafted apparel made with the finest ethically-sourced genuine alpaca fur and natural fibers. We are proud to have strong ties to our the local artisans in Peru who supply and manufacture our garments and finishes by-hand. 

***Before placing a large quantity order through our website, or if you are interested in receiving samples,  please contact our Brand Manager, Cali Kurlan at:


(Update March 27, 2020) We understand that while some manufacturing has come to a halt, many of the Peruvian artisans we work with live where they work. The artisans we work with live on family operated farms where they own and raise the animals they farm. 

Alpaca is, for Moda Kalon, a sustainable, environmentally friendly alternative to the brutal mass production of fur and leather in the industry. But in this moment, what makes alpaca urgently unique is that Moda Kalon and other Brands alike contribute to an industry that supports and sustains these local family farms who make their living making the fabric and clothing in their family-owned workshops.

As long as the alpacas are able to be out on the farm, they can still ethically shear them and save the wool fibers for production on their on-site workshop, where they have access to non-toxic dyes and the essential skills to create beautiful alpaca garments. 

Moda Kalon will continue to give back to these artisans. Please be patient while we can only accommodate large orders for most of our products. Please inquire for details. 

Wholesaler Based in NY Handmade Luxury Women's and Men's apparel handmade in peru coats and jackets and ponchos and boleros