Founders Page / Moda Kalon

Carmen Alfaro
Co-Founder + Creative Director 

Carmen emigrated to America in 1994 and eventually entered the world of fashion working for Fendi. She was living the American dream by traveling the globe and outfitting high-end clients, all while raising her very young daughter. Carmen visited her native Peru often and eventually launched a by-appointment styling boutique in Lima. As her company grew, it expanded into parts of Europe and along the eastern seaboard of the United States, where she now serves a wide range of clients.

Carmen has always understood that a wardrobe can play a transformative role in one’s physical appearance and state of mind. Clothing isn’t about status but about respect for our fashion choices that then translates to respect for ourselves when we walk out the door each day. By merging these ideas, Moda Kalon has been created on the belief that beauty need not be exclusive to just one type of person, size or body-type. And because no two people are alike, Carmen also feels passionately in Moda Kalon's bespoke made-to-measure services, which ensures the brand can accommodate an inclusive shopping experience for all. Carmen isn’t interested in the business of fast fashion, rather she wants to help others curate a wardrobe of classic and functional pieces that can stand the test of time and empower the inner beauty in all of us. 

The crowning jewel of her styling business has always been the beautiful alpaca clothing and Carmen is thrilled to now be able to share the beauty of these fibers with her new clients at Moda Kalon. Carmen wants everyone to know that the right piece of clothing can awaken your senses, brighten your attitude and redefine your outlook on any day.  

John J Cerullo Sr CPA, CFF
Co-Founder + Chief Executive 

John is a Founding Partner and Managing Executive of his firm, Cerullo CPA and its Affiliates. With an extensive client roster, the firm practices in New York, Connecticut and Florida, servicing the business communities in those states and high income/net worth individuals throughout the United States and abroad. The firm, which he co-built from the ground up with his brother and partner, marks 2019 as its 41st year in practice.       

Although a CPA at heart, John is also an avid entrepreneur and participant in several other business ventures. It brings him great pleasure to establish and build on ideas and provide opportunities for others to realize their dreams in the process, as he did some 41 years ago. It was on a trip to Peru with his dear friend Carmen that John was gifted a beautiful piece of alpaca clothing. Having never felt this amazing fiber before, John came to believe that it was time for Carmen to expand her horizons and bring her alpaca collection and style to the worldwide marketplace. John heads up the executive and financial management team at Moda Kalon and is not only thrilled to add another venture to his portfolio but also to introduce the Moda Kalon collection and style to the world.