The alpaca industry thrives thanks to generations of Peruvians whose livelihood relies on the alpaca to put food on the table and a roof over their head. The alpaca is one of Peru’s most treasured gems and worth far more to the Peruvians alive. Alpacas are sheared annually for their fibers and are never harmed during this process. It's only when an alpaca has passed due to a natural or unpreventable cause that the fur is removed from the animal. Due to the ethical nature of this process, our fur is sometimes in limited supply but we wouldn’t have it any other way. 

Oswaldo and Gloria -Arequipa, PeruSuppliers: Oswaldo and Gloria from Arequipa, Peru / Moda Kalon Cruelty-Free + Sustainable Luxury

Husband and wife team, Gloria and Oswaldo, began their business over a decade ago. True artisans, both are incredibly skilled craftsmen whose talent has multiplied over the years. Oswaldo is a very sweet and calming man and Gloria is a strong and determined woman. Together, they are a great force. They began by crafting and selling souvenirs, stuffed alpaquita animals and baby booties to small local markets, made by the very fleece of their own alpacas. Because of their hard work and success, they were able to build a small house just outside of Arequipa that sits aside a mountain. Just like the dirt roads in front, Oswaldo and Gloria’s house remains unfinished however they’ve been able to build themselves a small factory on the first floor. As their business grows in due time, they will be able to finish the work and make a true home for themselves and two children. With his parents’ help, their son has been able to attend college and will one day continue the family business while their young daughter enjoys the occasional sewing lesson! Their beautiful unit is a shining example of family and the idea that with great discipline and sacrifice come great rewards.

Rosmary Serna-Rodas -Arequipa, Peru
Suppliers: Rosmary Serna-Rodas from Arequipa, Peru / Moda Kalon Cruelty-Free + Sustainable Luxury

With only a few machines and a small factory in the garage of their home, Rosmary began in the business working for her two brothers. Now, after many years of discipline and hard work, they have a beautiful three-story factory in that same location and Rosmary has her own store in Arequipa, Peru where she sells the clothing made at the factory. On the first floor, they have sophisticated machines and on the second floor sit a group of extremely talented women who sew the handmade garments and finishes. Laughter and good conversation fill the air on a daily basis and these women have come to view eachother as an extension of family. Rosmary and our co-founder, Carmen, speak and visit with eachother regularly about business and family and although they’ve only been friends for a short time, they feel as though they’ve known eachother forever. Rosmary and her brothers’ dream is to one day purchase commercial land and build a large factory so that they continue to build upon their family legacy. 

Zoyla Rey 

Suppliers: Zoyla Rey, Lima Peru / Moda Kalon Cruelty-Free + Sustainable Luxury

Zoyla Rey has been a professional seamstress most of her life and at the beautiful age of 75, still has many loyal private clients such as Carmen. Zoyla was Carmen's neighbor as a child and still lives next door to her Mom in Lima, Peru to this day. Carmen wouldn't have it any other way than to have Zoyla create pieces for Moda Kalon. The ultimate professional, Zoyla creates and sews every single piece of clothing by hand. Zoyla is an incredibly hard working career woman but even more importantly, a wonderful mother to her beautiful daughter. She will continue sewing for as long as she is on this earth!