Moda Kalon Collection

Moda Kalon always make sure we only provide the highest quality of alpaca fashion to our customers. We are proud to show off the talent from our hardworking team of artisans in Peru. The delicate craftsmanship is evident in our pieces and as a result, these garments are all meant to last and to be past down to future generations. The brand focuses on highlighting the qualities of alpaca fur. And sources materials that are sustainable and cruelty-free is crucial for us because it represents everything we stand for as a conscious brand.

Itala Testino Collection

Itala Testino is a renowned designer who specializes in luxurious alpaca fashion pieces. She is known internationally for her beautifully constructed collections. In addition to her high-end brand, this Peruvian-based visionary also has an atelier linefor more intricate designs. We decided to carry her pieces because our purpose is to provide a platform to Peruvian talent and expose them to our international clientele.