Alpacas + Garment Care: Moda Kalon Cruelty-Free  + Sustainable Luxury Alpaca Fashion

Alpacas -The Jewel of Peru 

The stunning alpaca is one of Peru’s most treasured gems and is viewed as the legacy of the Incas, who first domesticated this animal some 5,000 years ago. The reverence for the alpaca has stood the test of time, providing not only a livelihood to so many Peruvians but also a world stage for it’s caretakers to showcase all that this wondrous species has to offer. Today, the alpaca industry thrives thanks to generations of Peruvians. 

Alpaca Sustainability

  • Are generous to the earth beneath their feet and never harm their pasture when grazing
  • Are an efficient animal, requiring very little food intake in order to be strong and healthy and only a natural rainwater supply from their habitat, which is well above sea level
  • Bred in 22 natural hues, which minimizes the need for dyeing
  • Have a low natural grease content, therefore very little energy is required to treat the water during washing
  • Fibers are hypoallergenic because they naturally lack the lanolin that causes itching from other wools, which lends itself to a more sustainable production process, omitting the need for harsh chemicals  
  • Fibers are naturally flame resistant
  • Has excellent thermal fitness properties and just as the animals require warmth from the cold and coolness from the heat, the fibers naturally regulate the temperature your body requires in any given climate
  • Fibers are naturally stain and water repellant
  • Fibers are resistant to pilling
  • Have significant luster and durability properties


Is alpaca clothing itchy or rough on the skin?

On the contrary, alpaca fibers naturally lack the lanolin that causes itching from other wools and therefore the 100% alpaca garments are considered hypoallergenic. Known for its luxurious properties, alpaca fibers have been described as “stronger than mohair, finer than cashmere, smoother than silk, softer than cotton, warmer than goose down and better-breathing than thermal knits.”** 

Alpaca Garment Care

We recommend dry cleaning your garments and accessories whenever possible however some of our fur pieces can be delicately washed with a drop of baby shampoo and lukewarm water, being careful not to fully immerse. These items can then be blow dried for a finished look but never put in the dryer! Due to alpaca fibers being naturally water resistant, you can also gently blot manageable stains with a damp cloth. 

Many people also handwash their knit clothing. We try to steer clear of this recommendation at Moda Kalon because if done incorrectly, you could distort your beautiful pieces. 

Please view each item's dedicated description for care instructions. When not in use, we encourage storing your clean and folded garment in a box with airflow. If properly cared for, you can protect the life and fitness of each piece for generations. 




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