#WomanofModaKalon: Floortje van Cooten

While we had our popup shop in Amsterdam, our Carmen, co-founder and creative director, had the opportunity to partner with Influencer, Floortje van Cooten. Her innate styling ability blew our team away, and so did her genuine kindness. The positive personality she has is undeniable and very transparent in her photos. 

She was the perfect person to partner with for us because she also values conscious fashion, which is a fundamental part of who we are as a brand. Floortje also embodies the chic essence of that Amsterdam fashionista we all try to portray, but can never seem to duplicate in the same way. We loved how she adds a certain je ne sais quoi to all the Moda Kalon pieces she wears!

Check out her lovely blog post on our brand here. Also, explore her instagram for more fantastic fashion inspo.