#BTS: F/W 2021 Photoshoot

For our newest Moda Kalon collection, we wanted a sophisticated aesthetic that we had never used before. Think: editorial and high-fashion yet still understated, with a focus on the pieces. 

The Sarasota Modern Hotel was the location our team scouted for the shoot and the day could not have gone better. The whole ambience of the place is a minimalist’s dream that is scattered with Slim Aarons’ photographs throughout the building. A Floridian oasis we successfully managed to shoot winter wear in. 

The hotel staff was very friendly and immensely accommodating. They provided us with a stunning room to prep and steam our racks filled with the new collection. The entire space was painted white that was complemented by other neutral accents. Our favorite nook was the balcony that overlooked the entire town. 

The secret to our positive, outstanding shoot was the entire crew who participated that day. Our fabulous photographer, Michael, was the first one to show up to set up the lighting and equipment. Carmen, our co-founder and creative director, arrived shortly afterwards with Sol who assisted us with a little bit of everything. Both helped our model, Riley, get ready for the day. Najla, our social and branding connoisseur, walked in a little later alongside Moda Kalon’s operations specialist, Jennifer, and met up with the rest of the team in the reserved room.  

Coffee was a must to get through the day and warm up. It was definitely cold, at least for Florida standards! Our preferred local spot was The Overton, for it’s unique selection of drinks. 

Of course, we all followed strict COVID-19 guidelines to keep everyone safe. Enjoy some behind the scenes and keep a lookout in our social channels for more final shots:

Photo Sources:
Sarasota Modern - Instagram